Volkswagen’s comeback will be electric

So even though the microbus won’t be released until 2022, I decided to find out how feasible it would really be to go electric.

Key Points

  • Volkswagen is bringing the microbus back.
  • This time it will be all electric.
  • Getting an electric vehicle can have some perks and challenges. 

Did you hear that Volkswagen is bringing the microbus back?

Only this time, it will be all electric with semi-self-driving capability.

And in a strange twist, it’s really appealing to surfer dudes and middle-aged moms.

When I saw the story, I immediately started to dream about my future life as a microbus owner. We’d haul bikes and skis around for endless outdoor adventures. My daughters would name it after a cartoon character like Blaze, and I’d yell “everybody load up. Blaze is ready for some speed!”

But then I realized that if it’s all electric, I wouldn’t even know how to plan a trip to make sure I had enough charge to make it across my mostly rural state.

So even though the microbus won’t be released until 2022, I decided to find out how feasible it would really be to go electric.

Here’s what I found out:

  1. On road trips, map out your next charge. The Department of Energy recommends using this link to find fueling stations. The good news? It’s a nice tool. The bad news? The charging stations offered are pretty slim along my usual road trip routes. Even with the microbus’s 270-mile range, I might be pushing it to make it to the next public charging station. But as electric vehicles grow in popularity, by 2022, hopefully there will be more charging station options.
  2. Be good to your battery. You can make your battery last a little longer by easing up on the use of things like the A/C, entertainment centers and other accessories. But because I’m driving a microbus, I don’t need an A/C because clearly I’m already very cool. 
  3. Enjoy the perks. Of course there will be the obvious perks of ultimate hipness (Is that a California surfer or a Midwestern mother of two wearing mom jeans? Hard to tell.). But there are other perks that come with owning an electric vehicle. Some states let you drive in the carpool lane, even if you’re all alone. Some stadiums and other major destinations give electric vehicles primo parking spots. An extra perk for the microbus is that the batteries and electric engine are under the floor of the bus, making the interior more spacious. That frees up space for surf boards or, say, five ballet costumes for one spring dance recital.
  4. Consider the costs. To see what you’ll save on your fuel costs by using an electric vehicle instead of a gas-powered one, check out this link that calculates your cost per eGallon,. According to the Department of Energy, the price of an eGallon tells consumers how much it costs to drive an EV the same distance you could go on a gallon of unleaded gasoline in a similar car.

I’ll have to dream about the Volkswagen microbus for a few more years. Until then, hang 10. … See? I’m getting cooler just thinking about owning it.

Sarah FolslandSarah is mom to the two cutest little girls in the world. Before choosing to make changing diapers and reading bed time stories her full time gig, she earned a degree in political science from The University of South Dakota, worked in the governor’s office as a policy analyst and dabbled in communications at her local utility. Follow Sarah on Twitter @EnergyMommy.

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